Plant Spotlight: Nepenthes talangensis x robcantleyi

Borneo Exotics in Sri Lanka typically only exports immature plants with leaf-spans ranging from 2″-8″. However, a few months ago they announced that they would make some of their larger “specimen” plants available.

Importing anything but smaller plants tends to be more trouble than it’s worth: They take up more space, cost more to ship, are more prone to damage in-transit, and they also experience much greater transplant shock than smaller plants. Larger plants also seldom fetch proportionately high prices in today’s collector market.

However, when I saw this particular hybrid, I decided it was all worth it. While the absolutely spectacular Nepenthes robcantleyi is very new to cultivation and therefore has yet to be proven as a good hybridizer, Nepenthes talangensis has consistently produced some of the best hybrids around. I reasoned that if any mate could bring out the very best in N. robcantleyi, it would be N. talangensis.

I suspect I was correct:

Nepenthes talangensis x robcantleyi
Monster N. talangensis x robcantleyi pitcher


Nepenthes talangensis x robcantleyi
Freshly potted from above


Nepenthes talangensis x robcantleyi

Nepenthes talangensis x robcantleyi
A more mature pitcher

Plants of this size take months to resume normal growth as they re-establish, but I’m sure this will become an absolute show-stopper.


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